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The virtual world is entirely designed by the players : you can reserve land and build your place. Everything on Planet is and will remain completely free.

For an enjoyable experience, we advise you to use a big screen, a good keyboard and a good mouse, because you will write and click a lot. Planet runs on PC and requires at least Windows 7, an Intel i5 processor (or equivalent), and 8 GB RAM. In case of technical problem, you can visit our Groups with Message Forum.

Begin with your Avatar

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Private Messages

Question: are there no private messages on Planet ?
Answer: no, but when you write, only people in a 50 meter range can read you. So you just have to walk a little further away to talk with people in private. There is also a phone in the store that allows you to call someone remotely on the Planet, as long as they have added you to their contacts.

Planet Samuro, vulcano


Question: can we have our own place on Planet ?
Answer: sure. For that you need to reserve land and build your place. You don't have to build alone : you can invite people and give them rights on your land to build with you. You can give your visitors a Planet link to make them arrive directly on your land without going through the entrance.

Question: How much does land cost ?
Answer: it's free but you must extend the land reservation at least every 3 months, otherwise it will be deleted if you don't come anymore.

Question: how can I reserve land on the planet?
Answer: Explore the planet with your avatar by flying everywhere. If all you see is sand on the ground and it is marked FREE LAND on the title bar at the top, then the land is available.

Question: How do I find my land back?
Answer: right-click on your avatar and choose the MyRoles menu, you will see the name of your land and a Teleport button.

Question: How can I invite friends to my land ?
Answer: Once they have installed Planet, you can give them a link they can click to start Planet and appear directly on your land.

Question: I built in 3D and I would like to move to another land or another planet.
Answer: take a copy of your creations in your inventory and put them back on the new land.

Webcams and Microphone.

Question: Are there webcams on Planet?
Answer: yes you can display your webcam, either in a window or above the avatars. You can also talk all together on the microphone. Planet has furthermore large video screens that you can connect to an external mp4 stream (or mp3 for a radio).

Question: I don't have the MyWebcam menu by clicking on my avatar ?
Answer: the menu only appears if you are on land where the owner has authorized webcams.


Question: Can we build places for adults?
Answer: yes, if you set the adult option in your land settings, minors do then not have access to it.